gone haha suckers
haha suckers

i am very worried about my wellbeing…

i had some dreams, they were CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE



Only underground hipster non-mainstream bloggers from the 2012 era will understand this obscure blogging reference :)

i saw a goth alternative girl at my school wearing a Soundgarden t-shirt today


I am a proud owner of a life…my life!

if i had a baby i would buy this for it

if i had a baby i would buy this for it



when i was waiting in line for SAT admission this girl in front of me was smiling at a woman who was sitting on the side and i think they knew each other and the woman had the most beautiful and comforting smile and she stood up and went over to the girl, quietly said in her ear “the Lord is watching over you” and then in the testing room the girl didn’t have a pencil and asked to borrow one from me and i had an extra to give her that she used the whole time and returned after we finished


thanks im proud of you too.

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want
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The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”


im literally crying right now i was just fucking wtaching tv on my bed and this digustin gfucking bug like it was long and had a bunch of legs fell on my bed and like i jumped off my bed and the bug  started crawling under the covers and i killed it but im like so grossd out i dont want to touch my bed right now